Payroll is a key component of your business, so why leave it to chance?

At J Trust Royal we enable you to have complete visibility and control over your payroll payments, giving you complete confidence that salaries will be paid securely, reliably and confidentially.

Benefits for employers

  • A single access point using JTR Connect, to manage your payroll and other essential financial activities of your company.
  • Receive real time updates of your payroll transactions.
  • Ease of payroll initiation with a variety of options (manual, file upload, transaction cloning and templates).
  • Ensure confidentiality with flexible user access rights via JTR Connect.
  • Dedicated team to support all employee account opening requirements.

Benefits for employees

  • Access to J Trust Royal ATMs and branches.
  • No minimum balance requirements.
  • Free ATM card.
  • Free personal internet banking access.
  • 24/7 Telephone assistance via our Hotline (023 999 000).
  • Competitive rates for Credit Cards and Home Loans (subject to approval).

Frequently asked questions

Your employees will be provided an individual payroll account. Every month salary will be disbursed directly to the individual account via our online platform – JTR Connect.

As many as you want. Multiple payments can be made to multiple beneficiaries.

You only need to set up our online platform, JTR Connect, for salary payments as well as other payments.

The transaction account is free for all your employees and the salary disbursement fee is only US$0.50 per employee transfer.

Please call our business support team should you require assistance or have a general enquiry on your business account.

Call: +855 (0) 23 999 255

Hours: 8am-5pm, Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)