Phnom Penh, 05 July 2024 - J Trust Royal Bank (“JTRB”) and HEINEKEN Cambodia announced successful advanced integration between JTRB’s Core Banking System with HEINEKEN Cambodia’s Enterprise Resource Planning System (“ERP”), channeled through the most secured Swift FileAct protocol, as a key digital enhancement to Payables Management.

This integration signifies a pivotal advancement in our digital transformation, featuring a Host-to-Host solution and specialized ERP integration capabilities provided by J Trust Royal Bank. This seamless connectivity is set to increase the efficiency of payment solutions, to streamlining processes, and significantly reducing the needs for manual intervention. This achievement could not have been possible without the exceptional commitment and collaboration between both teams at JTRB and HEINEKEN Cambodia.

“We are very pleased with this advanced integration with J Trust Royal Bank, which will enhance our payment efficiency and security, while improving productivity by reducing manual processes and decreasing turnaround times. This is a great example of how digital technology can create value and optimize our business operations; it also demonstrates our commitment to digitalization as a key enabler for our business agility,” said Krithik Ranganathan, Finance Director of HEINEKEN Cambodia. Mr. Krithik also expresses his appreciation to the project teams, both HEINEKEN and JTRB teams, which were instrumental in achieving this advanced integration.

J Trust Royal expresses their sincerest gratitude to HEINEKEN Cambodia for having selected JTRB as their key strategic partner in this integration, a clear affirmation of HEINEKEN Cambodia’s continued trust and confidence in J Trust Royal Bank.

Mr. Toru Myochin, CEO of J Trust Royal Bank said “J Trust Royal Bank continues to make significant investments in digitizing the Cambodian market. This includes technology that enables the automation of standardized payment file exchange between customers’ ERP systems and our core banking system. As a result, we commercialized full-swing H2H integration capabilities, covering Swift FIN/MT101, Swift FileAct, and sFTP. JTRB is humble to bring cash management capabilities of international banks to Cambodia’s banking markets and to support multinational corporations and local corporates. Additionally, in May-2024, we also upgraded our Swift Payment System to ISO20022 (MX format), enabling opportunity for cross-border payment data transformation for Swift Single Standardization.”