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Important Notice for Root/Jailbreak Device

For customers’ financial data security and privacy protection, J Trust Royal Mobile App does not work on Root/Jailbreak device. If you cannot access the Mobile App, you can login and use our online Internet Banking instead. The two systems share the same functionality.

What is Root/Jailbreak Device?

A rooted device is a modified iOS or Android device allowing the user to install certain applications that would not be possible on the original operating system.

What are the Security and Data Privacy Issues?

Rooted devices may be vulnerable to the following issues:

  • Data privacy such as password, banking information, personal details can be compromised
  • There is no security patch updates from the original developers making the devices vulnerable to malwares
  • The modified version is not fully tested and certified from the original developers


You will need to self-register for Internet Banking before you can login for the first time. To do this, all you need is your mobile number and your ‘Customer Number’. Please make sure your mobile is the same mobile number you provided when you set up your account. Your ‘Customer Number’ would have been provided to you when you opened your account.

Please follow the instruction below for first-time registration:

  1. Click on “Register” on the Login screen
  2. Enter your mobile phone number
  3. Enter the One-time Password (OTP) that is sent to your mobile phone
  4. Enter your ‘Customer ID’ and ‘Date of Birth’
  5. Check the Confirmation Screen
  6. You will be presented with a new ‘User ID’
  7. Enter and confirm your new password
  8. Note down your new User ID (8-digit code) and new password as these will be needed for future log in

If you are unsure about the Customer Number or experience any problems during the registration, please visit your nearest J Trust Royal Bank branch or call our Customer Care hotline number at 023-999-000.

Existing User ID from Internet Banking

If you have logged in on J Trust Royal’s Internet Banking before, you can use your existing User ID and Password to login to the J Trust Royal Mobile immediately without registration.


J Trust Royal Mobile provides three options for login including:

  • User ID and Password
  • mPIN (Mobile PIN)
  • Touch ID/Face ID

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, J Trust Royal Bank’s Mobile App is available for free to all Personal Banking customers.

A: For existing customers who already has access to our Internet Banking, please refer to point 4 below.

To register for Mobile App, please follow these easy steps:

  • Click on “Register” on the Mobile App Login Screen
  • Input your registered Phone Number with J Trust Royal and receive the SMS OTP
  • Input the SMS OTP Code
  • Input Customer Number (CIF) and Date of Birth
  • Set your Password (please note down your User ID)

A: Customer can visit one of the nearest J Trust Royal branches or contact our Customer Care Center at 023-999-000.

A: For customers who had registered for the Internet Banking before, the customers can download the Mobile App from App Store or Google Play and login using the same User ID and Password.

A: J Trust Royal Mobile app does not work on rooted devices due to security and data privacy protection measure. The Mobile App detected that your device had been rooted or jailbroken.

A: Alternatively, you can use our online Internet Banking. The two systems share the same functionality.

A: J Trust Royal Bank’s Mobile App allows the registered user to set up mPIN and register Touch ID/Face ID as the alternative login methods in addition to User ID and Password.

A: mPIN (Mobile PIN) is the personal security code that customers can set up and use to login to their account on Mobile App. Customer can reset the mPIN at any time.

A: To set up the mPIN, you need to tap on mPIN tab on your mobile phone and select “Setup mPIN”. Then follow the below easy steps:

  • Input your Customer Number (CIF) and Date of Birth
  • A SMS OTP will be sent to your mobile number
  • Input the OTP Code
  • Setup the four-digit mPIN

A: First, please make sure your Touch ID/Face ID has been enabled on your device. Please follow your device’s manual or instruction on how to enable and setup your smartphone’s fingerprint and face ID.


To enable Touch ID/Face ID for the app, the App will require your mPIN. For this reason, you need to set up the mPIN first before setting up the Touch ID/Face ID.

A: All registered Touch ID/Face ID on your device can access your account via the Mobile App. If you do not want your relative to access your banking information, please consider removing the Touch ID/Face ID of your relative from your device.

A: Once you set up your mPIN, this mPIN is paired with your smartphone and User ID. The same mPIN cannot be used on another smartphone.

A: If you input wrong mPIN after three attempts, your User ID will be locked, and you cannot login to your account even though you use User ID and Password.

A: You can unlock your User ID by resetting your mPIN on your smartphone.

A: Customer can reset the mPIN on a new smartphone. The previous mPIN will be disabled from the lost device. The new mPIN will be paired with the new smartphone and User ID. Once you set up the mPIN on the new device, the Touch ID/Face ID login on the lost device is disabled automatically.

A: You can install the Mobile App on the two smartphones. However, you cannot login under the same User ID and Password at the same time. You can login to your profile one at a time only.

A: mPIN is registered with your User ID and one smartphone only. You can still login to your user profile on the other smartphone using User ID and Password instead.

A: Quick Balance allows the user to view all account balances without login to the Mobile App. After you set up you mPIN, the Quick Balance is enabled automatically.

A: Here are some of the main functionality of the Mobile App:

  • Account Balance Enquiry
  • Account Statement up to one year
  • Term Deposit Details
  • Loan Account Details
  • Loan Statement
  • Fund Transfer within JTR, to other banks locally and internationally
  • Change Daily Transferred Amount Limits
  • Block/Unblock Debit Card and Credit Card
  • Change Debit Card Spending Limit
  • Request Debit Card and Credit Card Replacement
  • Check Credit Card Statement
  • Bill Payment
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Banker’s Cheque Request
  • Duplicate Statement Request
  • Open New Term Deposit Request
  • Mailbox (communication directly with our Bank)

For your reference

While all documentation is completed in our branches we also know that it can be helpful to know what to expect before you arrive. Here are the forms and other relevant documents for using J Trust Royal Internet Banking or Mobile App. You don’t need to complete the forms before you come in – our friendly staff are there to help you.