Message from the CEO

Dear valued customers,

Welcome to J Trust Royal Bank. After opening in September 2005 as ANZ Royal Bank, the bank established a reputation for Trust, Quality and in the early years, for Innovation. With the change to J Trust Royal Bank, we will build on this legacy and set our eyes on a very bright future in the kingdom.

Our transition over the past year has been filled with exciting developments, as we worked towards building state-of-the-art technology to make everyday banking easier and more convenient.  We offer our deepest gratitude for your understanding and patience as we work towards our operating motto of “Customer First” and make every effort to serve you better.

Expanding on our commitment to you; each and every one of us at J Trust Royal Bank has a passion to put you, the customer, first.  We promise to listen intently to your needs and deliver as a trusted partner.

Cambodia has immense potential for growth and development. J Trust is here, and we are committed long term.  We look forward to serving your needs and becoming your most trusted partner in the Kingdom.