Free Inward Telegraphic Transfer Fee and Cashback

01 February 2024

Enjoy FREE Inward Telegraphic Transfer via Swift and 0.05% CashBack when you use the J Trust Royal Bank account to receive funds from abroad.

This offer is valid from 1 February until 30 April 2024 (for business & corporate customers).

For further information, please contact our Business Service Centre at +855 (0) 23 999 255 (During Working Hours) or email:

Terms & Conditons 

  • Campaign Period: 1 February 2024 – 30 April 2024
  • Inward Telegraphic Transfer Campaign is applicable for all currencies including​ EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, SGD, USD and THB. However, for non-USD currency amount will be converted​ to​ USD​ and credited​ to​ customer’s​ USD​ account.
  • The campaign​ is​ eligible​ for​ inward overseas transfer via SWIFT​ Channel​ to​ J Trust Royal Bank’s corporate clients​ only.
  • The rebate will be based on converted USD amount only and rebate amount will be settled in USD between day 10th to 15th next following month.
  • For Inward Telegraphic Transfer amounting below are entitled to Free Inward Fees plus CashBack as follows:



≥ $500,000

FREE ITT fee + 0.05% CashBack