Convenient, Secure and Timely Payroll Solution

At J Trust Royal Bank, you have complete visibility and control over your payroll payments and confidence that salaries will be paid securely, reliably, and confidentially. Likewise, your employees can enjoy a wide range of other benefits.

Features at a glance

Payroll AccountPayroll Savings Plus Account
Choice of KHR or USD account
Interest payout on every month end
Visa Debit Card
ATM access across Cambodia
Unlimited J Trust Royal transactions
Name your own account
Free mobile banking
Free internet banking
No minimum opening balance
No minimum monthly balance
No account maintenance fee
No dormancy fee

Fees & Charges


Payroll Account

Payroll Savings Plus Account

Withdrawals (OTC & Electronic Transaction)

UnlimitedFree 2 times/month
$1 per additional withdrawal

Interest Rate

N/AUp to 2.50% p.a.

Early Account Closure Fee (Less than 6 months)

N/A$10 or KHR equivalent

Before you apply

STEP 1Visit/Contact your assigned payroll support team
  • Show valid identification: your national identity card (NID) or passport
  • Show valid required document: employment letter
STEP 3Complete an opening application form in the branch


  • Non-Cambodian citizens must show further identification: a passport with a valid visa and an employment letter (original).
  • Payroll Savings Plus Account is only eligible for Payroll Account holder

Helpful documents

Payroll Account


Terms & condition (available soon)

Payroll Savings Plus


Terms & condition (available soon)

Terms and Conditions

  • In the event that the client using Payroll services makes errors on the payroll payment, it is the responsibility of the client to collect on any funds overpaid or salaries that were paid out. The bank shall not be held responsible for any overpaid salaries or accounts where J Trust Royal have made the payments in line with instructions provided by the client.
  • The client shall notify the Bank, of any movement of employees under its payroll package. Such notification can be made via email or notice letter, except for the case of expatriate employee’s movement, where notification shall be made in form of notice letter.
  • In the event that a payroll account is no longer used for salary disbursement, the client shall inform the account owner to visit the Bank for account closure; otherwise, after a period of 3 months after it is no longer used, the account shall be automatically and without notice closed if it has zero balance or otherwise converted into standard personal account, with standard fee and charge application.

Frequently asked questions

Your employees will be provided an individual payroll account. Every month salary will be disbursed directly to the individual account via our online platform – JTR Connect.

As many as you want. Multiple payments can be made to multiple beneficiaries.

You only need to set up our online platform, JTR Connect, for salary payments as well as other payments.

The transaction account is free for all your employees and the salary disbursement fee is only US$0.50 per employee transfer.

"Payroll Savings Plus Account” is a Savings Account purely designed for payroll clients with existing Payroll Account.

This account is only eligible to all customers who have a Payroll Account with J Trust Royal Bank.

No, we are not recommended to use a savings account as a loan repayment account.

For further inquiries, please contact

Customer Care Center:

+855 23 999 000 (24/7)

Payroll Support team:

+855 61 271 016
(M - F, 8am - 5pm)
exclude public holidays