Free upsize​ at​ Starbucks with J Trust Royal Visa Card

Offer period: Now - 30 June 2024

For further information, please get in touch with the Customer Care Center via 023 999 000.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is valid for all J Trust Royal Visa Card
  • Purchases of Tall (small) size beverages will be upgraded to Grande (medium) size, while purchases of Grande (medium) size will be upgraded to Venti (large) size respectively.
  • The offer is applicable for handcrafted beverages, except bottle beverages​ or merchandise
  • The offer is applied for​ all​ in-store​ purchase​ at​ any​ Starbucks​ outlets​ every​ Monday,​ Tuesday,​ Wednesday,​ and​ Thursday​ during​ the​ promotion​ period except Starbucks​ Holiday​ Palace​ and​ Starbucks​ Nordic​ Mall​ which​ is​ applicable​ every day​ (Monday​ –​ Sunday).​
  • Visa and Starbucks reserve the right to change, amend the terms and conditions, or terminate the promotion without prior notice.