Managing your day-to-day banking on JTR Connect has been made easier and more secure with JTRB Authenticator.

Logging-in and transaction authorization on corporate online platform, JTR Connect, anywhere, anytime.

Download the JTRB Authenticator App on App Store and Google Play


About JTRB Authenticator

JTRB Authenticator is a top-notched secured access for One-Time Password (OTP) for corporate online platform, the JTR Connect, with full adherence to 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) combined with automatic log-in and the latest biometric authentication (Finger-Print & Face/Touch ID) in both iOS & Android.

Features include:

  • JTRB Authenticator works with internet access advancing from traditional SMS OTP and OTP device, ensuring more reliable world-wide delivery.
  • The App acting as Digital OTP, so that you bring one less device with you everywhere you go.
  • Working with existing Passcode and easy integration with latest biometric authentication technology for both iOS (TouchID & FaceID) and Android (Fingerprint & Face Recognition).

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