Does your business require bonds and guarantees to secure contracts or guarantee performance targets?

J Trust Royal’s Guarantee products are designed to meet all of your requirements, for a variety of situations.

We offer Financial Guarantees, Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds.

Benefits of our products

Our guarantee products:

  • Remove the need to use cash which improves your working capital.
  • Provide confidence to parties that you deal with by showing that your company is a sound and reliable business and has the ability and required skills to fulfil the work being commissioned or the contract being entered into.
  • Secure payment for the beneficiary (the contracting party) in the event that the contractual promises are not fulfilled.
  • Come with prompt service and prompt issuance of bonds (in some circumstances bonds can be issued on the same day as the lodgement of the application).
  • Are available in USD and KHR.
  • Are supported in English and Khmer.
  • Are subject to approval under the bank’s normal credit assessment process.

J Trust Royal Bank Financial Guarantees

A financial guarantee is an agreement by J Trust Royal to pay a specified amount to a specified third party (principal) on behalf of our customer. This enables our customer to enter financial arrangements without the need to outlay cash (or security) to satisfy conditions dictated by a trade or financial contract.

Bid Bonds

It is common business practice when tendering for large capital projects for the tenderer to be supported by a Bid Bond. J Trust Royal can provide a Bid Bond as an indication of an applicant company's ability to carry out the work being tendered for.

Performance Bonds

Most capital works projects put out to tender require the successful tenderer to lodge a Performance Bond after being awarded the contract. The Performance Bond is an indication that the applicant company has the necessary skills and capabilities to carry out the required work and comply with the agreed terms and conditions of the contract. J Trust Royal can assist with your Performance Bonds needs.

Advance Payment Bonds

Advance payment is a common feature of contracts across a range of industries, especially in construction. An Advance Payment Bond, issued by J Trust Royal, is a guarantee that an advance payment made by a buyer/client will be returned if the seller/contractor does not fulfil its obligations on delivery of goods or services. J Trust Royal can assist with your Advance Payment needs.

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