Sign up & Reward

14 August 2023


Become J Trust Royal Bank customer today and sign up for Bakong Wallet to receive a cash reward of KHR 8,000 or USD 2.

Campaign Period: 14 August – 13 November 2023 (or until the budget lasts)

For further information, please contact Customer Care Center at 023 999 000 (24/7).

Term & Condition:

  • Eligible for new customers who:
    • Open any casa account and maintain a deposit of KHR 40,000 or USD 10; and
    • Choose J Trust Royal Bank as a sponsor bank in Bakong app during promotion period.
  • Term Deposit account is not eligible.
  • The cash reward of KHR 8,000 or USD 2 will be credited to the customer's account in the following month if the customer fulfills the above condition
    • The cut-off date for any new account opening is to be validated by the 15th of each month, otherwise will be validated within the next month.
  • The reward is only for the first 500 customers on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  • The reward is limited to one customer, regardless of the number of accounts opened.
  • Terms & conditions governing the operational use of casa account (fee & charge) and Bakong will follow the standard Terms & Conditions of respective account/service.
  • J Trust Royal Bank reserves​ the​ right​ at​ its​ discretion​ to​ terminate​ this​ campaign​ or​ vary,​ delete,​ or​ add​ to​ any​ of​ these​ terms​ and​ conditions​ without​ prior​ notice.