Are you looking forward to a holiday? Maybe you’re saving for a new moto? Or perhaps you want to open a savings account for your children?

Whatever it is you are saving for, you can get there faster with a J Trust Royal Fast Saver Account.

Fast Saver Account
Free mobile banking
Free internet banking
Visa Debit Card with international access
ATM access across Cambodia
USD only
Base interest and bonus interest on your savings
A passbook

Before you apply

Please familiarise yourself with the account opening process and the fees, terms and conditions.

Fast Saver Account opening process


Visit your nearest J Trust Royal branch and talk to one of our friendly Personal Bankers.


Complete a J Trust Royal account opening application form in the branch.


Provide a minimum US$500 initial deposit. (And maintain a minimum ongoing balance of US$500.)


Show valid identification: your national identity card or passport.*


Later, you simply collect your Visa Debit Card from the branch where the account was opened.

*Non-Cambodian citizens must show further identification: passport with a visa valid for at least six months.

Fast Saver Account fees, terms and conditions

For an average balance above US$500


Minimum ongoing balance below US$500

US$3 per month


1 FREE per month
$1 per additional withdrawal

Terms and conditions

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