Are you looking forward to a holiday? Maybe you’re saving for a new moto? Or perhaps you want to open a savings account for your children?

Whatever it is you are saving for, you can get there faster with a J Trust Royal Fast Saver Account.

Fast Saver Account
Free mobile banking
Free internet banking
USD only
Base interest and bonus interest on your savings
A passbook

Before you apply

Please familiarise yourself with the account opening process and the fees, terms and conditions.

Fast Saver Account opening process


Visit your nearest J Trust Royal branch and talk to one of our friendly Personal Bankers.


Complete a J Trust Royal account opening application form in the branch.


Provide a minimum US$500 initial deposit. (And maintain a minimum ongoing balance of US$500.)


Show valid identification: your national identity card or passport.*


Later, you simply collect your Visa Debit Card from the branch where the account was opened.

*Non-Cambodian citizens must show further identification: passport with a visa valid for at least six months.

Fast Saver Account fees, terms and conditions

For an average balance above US$500


Minimum ongoing balance below US$500

US$3 per month


1 FREE per month
$1 per additional withdrawal

Early Closure Fee

USD 20 or KHR 80,000

Terms and conditions

Available here

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