A J Trust Royal Term Loan allows you to invest in your business when the opportunity arises.

Your loan at a glance

Loan amount

Minimum Loan Amount: US$200,000
(Two Hundred Thousand US dollars)


Unsecured or secured
Various forms of security accepted including residential or commercial properties, business assets or a combination of these.


Maximum period of 7 years

Interest Rate Type

Variable Interest Rate

Repayment Terms

Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, 6 monthly, yearly, or seasonal payments as per nature of loan purpose and matching cash flow

Repayment Options

Tailored loan structuring with features such as amortisation, balloon repayments and revolving lines of credit where appropriate.

Fees & Charges

A Loan Approval Fee, Line Fee or/and Admin Fee is payable.

Terms & Conditions

All applications for credit are subject to J Trust Royal’s normal credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions available upon request.

Interest only facilities

We understand business cycles. Sometimes business cash flow needs to be reinvested to grow your business or is not available until a future date. At J Trust Royal we can provide interest only terms to support the needs of your business.

Principle & interest reducing facilities

At J Trust Royal we can provide structured solutions to allow you to make principle and interest repayments during the term of your loan.

For more information please contact your respective Relationship Manager or visit your nearest J Trust Royal branch.

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