Our credit cards offer our customers flexibility and convenience. The flexibility to shop anytime, anywhere Visa is accepted (up to an agreed limit), and the convenience to repay later.

Our cards at a glance

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J Trust Royal Visa Classic Credit Card

A simple everyday credit card with a low ongoing annual fee.

Credit limit: Up to US$2,000

Interest-free repayment period: up to 45 days

Interest rate: 2%

Annual fee: US$25

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J Trust Royal Visa Platinum Credit Card

Enjoy a range of privileges, benefits, and discounts with your Platinum Card.

Credit limit: Up to US$50,000

Interest-free repayment period: up to 45 days

Interest rate: 2%

Annual fee: US$100

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Some helpful tips for managing your credit card

  • Ensure your credit limit is appropriate and manageable for you. Contact the J Trust Royal Bank Customer Care Centre on +855 (0) 23 999 000 if you have any concerns.
  • You have the option to pay your closing balance in full, to make a minimum payment, or to pay any amount in between. Always pay at least the minimum payment by the due date indicated on your statement and be sure to urgently pay any amount ‘due immediately’.
  • You can confirm your payment has been received by calling the J Trust Royal Customer Care Centre on +855 (0) 23 999 000.
  • If you do not receive your statement, contact the J Trust Royal Customer Care Centre team on +855 (0) 23 999 000 for a duplicate statement.
  • Make sure you sign your card as soon as you receive it and always keep your card safe. Do not disclose your PIN to anyone or keep a written record of it close to your card.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, call the J Trust Royal Customer Care Centre immediately on +855 (0) 23 999 000.

Frequently Asked Questions

A credit card allows you to borrow money from J Trust Royal to make purchases, whether you’re buying something small like an item of clothing in a shop or something large like a round-trip ticket to France on the internet. As long as you pay back the money you borrow within the “grace period” (also known as the interest-free period), you won’t have to pay extra. If you’re unable to repay the amount owed in the interest-free period then you will have to pay interest — a percentage of the money you owe the bank — on top of what you borrowed.

J Trust Royal Visa credit cards are issued with up to 45-days interest free for purchases. Statements are issued each month showing the total amount due and should be paid in full in order to avoid interest charges. However, if you’re not in a position to pay the full amount then you may opt to pay a minimum amount, which is also indicated on the statement, or anything in between the full amount and the minimum amount. If you don’t pay the full amount, you will then need to pay interest in addition to the amount you borrowed.

J Trust Royal credit card statements are issued on a monthly basis. The full repayment amount and a minimum amount will both be indicated on the statement. If the full repayment is not made by the due date then interest charges will apply. Annual fees will be included on your statement around your card’s anniversary. Other fees, such as a late payment fees or foreign currency conversion fees, will be charged as they are incurred. For more information please see the fees and charges information.

A J Trust Royal Credit Card can be used anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted. This includes in shops, online, over the phone, and in ATMs (for cash advances). The extensive Visa network includes 200 countries and territories as well as over 2 million ATMs worldwide.

All J Trust Royal credit card customers will receive monthly statements detailing all your transactions. You can also check your transaction history, at your convenience, using our Internet Banking and JTR Mobile tools. You will need to register for Internet Banking and JTR Mobile before you can use these.

All our J Trust Royal Visa Credit Cards have an embedded Enhanced EMV-Dynamic Data Authentication Smart Chip that offers a global standard of security. We also have continuous fraud monitoring systems in place to identify any suspicious activity and help prevent unauthorised transactions. Please keep your contact information with us up-to-date so that we can reach you quickly if suspicious activity is detected.

Please save our Customer Care Centre number (+855 (0) 23 999 000) so you can immediately report any lost, stolen or misplaced cards or compromised pin numbers. Depending on your situation, we can immediately temporarily block or permanently cancel your missing card. In the event of a permanent cancellation, we can organise for a replacement card to be reissued as soon as possible. If you choose to block your card you can call us and ask for the block to be lifted after you find your missing card.

Contact Customer Care Center (CCC) at 023 999 000 (during office hours ONLY).

If the request is made via CCC, the maximum amount is capped at USD30K; otherwise, the customer will go through the normal procedure.

The process of request takes around 3 hours (for USD currency).

Maximum temporary credit limit increase duration is up to 3 months.

For your reference

While all documentation is completed in our branches we also know that it can be helpful to know what to expect before you arrive. Here are the forms and other relevant documents used to apply for a credit card. You don’t need to complete the forms before you come in – our friendly staff are there to help you.

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