J Trust Royal distribute free supplies to help needy families across different districts in Phnom Penh fight Covid-19

15 Apr 2020

As part of its efforts in response to the covid-19 situation in the country, J Trust Royal Bank recently carried out activities that sought to extend help to poorer populations particularly in Phnom Penh.

J Trust Royal executives travelled to several districts in the city and met with local authorities from Trapaing Kraisang, Chrang Chomraes, Svay Pak and Stung Meanchey.  Marked by warm receptions of their hosts, activities were attended by district leaders where some were accompanied by family members.

In their visits, J Trust Royal distributed  free health essentials supplies for protecting against the coronavirus such as face masks, disinfectant alcohol and antibacterial handsoap.

Each district received 10,000 pieces of face masks, 5 large cartons of antibacterial soap, 150 liters sanitizing alcohol and 300 units 500 ml spray bottles.

J Trust Royal engaged district officials to enlist their support in helping ensure that the poorer families in their districts receive essential supplies to help them protect themselves from covid-19.

Its initiatives around the fight against covid-19 is just one of the ways that J Trust Royal seeks to demonstrate their broader commitment to seeking meaningful ways to help its communities.